How To Protect Your Spine in Portland While Working Remote

How To Protect Your Spine in Portland While Working Remote

How To Protect Your Spine in Portland While Working Remote

Working from home may sound like the perfect opportunity to get cozy on the couch while you settle into your day. This picture makes chiropractors everywhere cringe. Remote work has many advantages, but for the health of your spine, it's important to be mindful about how you're spending your day.

When alone at home, the temptation to slouch and get comfortable is strong. Unfortunately, this is terrible for your long term posture and spinal health. Your back muscles may weaken over time. Your spine may come out of alignment more easily.

While your Portland chiropractor will always be there for you to treat these problems and improve your spinal health, there are many practices you can be mindful of when working from home to keep yourself in good health.

Take Breaks Away From Your Desk

It's not natural to hold your body in one position for too long. Instead of spending your whole day at your desk, set a timer for every hour. At this time, take at least five minutes to stretch or walk around. If you can, take ten to fifteen minutes a few times a day for a little more movement.

This is also a great way to clear your mind. Movement will help you stay more focused and sharper at work, while also giving your body a chance to naturally adjust.

Consider Your Office Set Up Carefully

You want to sit at a desk. This is a healthy practice for a number of reasons. It's a good way to keep your work and home life separate while working remote. It's also a smart ergonomic decision for your body.

The first consideration is your office chair. Does it support your back? When you sit in it, do your muscles feel supported, or do you feel the need to shift in your chair to get settled?

Your computer screen should be at eye level. If you're working on a laptop, consider getting a separate keyboard you can place on the desk and raise your laptop on a stand or a stack of books.

It is best for your wrists if the keyboard is either flat or at a reverse angle. While many keyboards are raised at the top with the bottom touching the desk, this puts your wrists up at an angle. A reverse angle has the bottom of the keyboard raised and the top touching the desk, which is a better angle for your wrists.

If you need supplies to set up a more ergonomic desk space, talk to your employer or HR about covering the costs.

Add Exercise To Your Routine

Strong core muscles will support a healthy posture. Regular exercise will keep your body moving and healthy. While exercise is always good for you, checking in on your regular workout routine is a good tip for when you start working remote.

Check-In With Your Chiropractor As Soon As You Notice Any Problems

Does your back hurt? Don't let that go on untreated. The sooner you visit your Portland chiropractor, the sooner you can find the source of the problem and take care of your health.

It's natural when you go through any changes in your daily routine for pains to develop in your back, neck, or joints. This may be because of changes in your body or the repetitive motions you're making during your daily routine. Your chiropractor will be able to help you find the source of the problem and create a plan for treatment that will keep you from further injury.