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Corazon Chiropractic Clinic

Corazon provides evidence-based, gentle, and specific treatment for your injuries. Treatment plans are directed by the internationally recognized Croft Guidelines for Whiplash Trauma, experience of the physicians, and your response in the course of care.

Drs. Richardson and Nolan emphasize a diversified adjusting technique system, with elements of Gonstead and Activator systems as well. Corazon’s massage therapy crew is trained in a variety of massage techniques to suit every kind of patient, throughout each stage of their care.

Other available modes of healing include Chiropractic Adjustments, Disc Herniation therapy, Therapeutic Massage, Mechanical Traction, Kinesiotaping, Ultrasound, Exercise, Stretching, Electro-stimulation, Heat and Ice Therapies, Craniosacral Techniques, Home Instruction and Ergonomic advice, Guidance with Activities of Daily Living. as well as Biofreeze Gel, Cervical Contour Pillows, Ice Packs, and Kinesiotape for home use.

Even if you can barely walk through the door, we have the equipment and procedures to make your chiropractic adjustment in Hillsboro and Portland, OR, as comfortable as possible.

Call today to find out if we offer *your* favorite kind of therapy!

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