Random Flareups and How They Occur in Hillsboro OR

"But I wasn't doing anything." Random Flareups and How They Occur in Hillsboro OR

Chiropractic Hillsboro OR Flareups

Have you ever felt like a gremlin leapt out from under your seat cushion and bit your hip? Or just bent over to grab a paper clip or tie your shoes and a ghost stabs you in the back? At some point in our life, most of us will have this happen to us. We've been doing a lot of nothing all day and out of nowhere, our body seems to be attacked by some unseen force. Either that, or our body is revolting against us. Read more to learn how our Hillsboro chiropractor can help you!

Random Flareups and How They Occur in Hillsboro OR

Before you talk to a priest about your house, I think it's good to explain some of the perfectly average reasons why are some of these painful moments can occur.

For starters, we call these painful instances "a sudden, unguarded moment." just in case you feel better knowing that we have a name for them. One of the many reasons you shouldn't watch TV in bed is because people often sit in the shape of an L, with their backs against the headboard. 30 minutes of prolonged stretch on a ligament is enough to change it, morphologically. This leaves you less stable and more likely to have a sudden, sometimes disabling painful catch and your low back. This has also been known to at least contribute to rupturing discs and sciatica type pain.

We also don't give our bodies enough credit for being full of "joint complexes" that have complex combinations of pulling, counter pulling, and stabilization forces operating at the same time. Sometimes, one of the parts of this well oiled machine fails on us. It happens more often when we don't oil it as much as we need to. Consistent exercise and engaging in activities that challenge your bodies in more than one way are healthy practices to avoid these sudden flareups.

Chiropractic adjustments are one of the only proven single therapies that accents more than one kind of improvement in a single go. The adjustment typically moves the joint into the last phase, phase 5, of joint movement. This phase is known as the "paraphysiological space." It is the movement into this space that is a functional reset button for the joints, helping to correct muscle memory back towards where it should be. Combining this therapy with massage is especially helpful but I way of removing your points, bringing the muscle to the right tenacity, and allowing it to breathe with a more proper nutrient/waste product exchange.

Contact Corazon Chiropractic Clinic if you have experienced pain from one of these sudden unguarded movements and/or want to receive help and safe guarding your body against them.