Want a long and healthy life? | Hillsboro OR

Want a long and healthy life? | Hillsboro OR

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It's a question we've asked ourselves for eons: what behaviors, prayers, potions, and good fortune are required for us to live long and healthy lives in Hillsboro OR?

For the longest time, of course, it really meant just avoiding things that kill you. In a world filled with peril, from predators and rival tribes to infected thorn scratches without antibiotics, very few of us had the privilege of staying healthy into our 40s and beyond. With the birth of civilization came safety, abundant food, and comforts. We started to see the first societies with four or more generations living together. And with that, the first questions of why one person would die of seemingly no cause in their 40s and 50s, while another could live twice as long.

The Answer to a Long and Healthy Life in Hillsboro OR

In the pursuit of such answers, human kind has tried everything from tinctures and teas to prayers, feng shui, aura cleansing, acupuncture and chiropractic, codified diet plans, exercise and stretching regimens, and heading towards stem cell, telomere, and other genetic research. It's giving birth to fanciful myths ranging from the Fountain of Youth to sipping from the Holy Grail. But the desire and the pursuit of these things was strong enough to launch scores of ships and levy many tons of treasury funds, not to mention the life's work of many a crusader and explorer.

After thousands of studies, articles, and hypotheses, Harvard researchers believe they have found an answer. An answer to what appears to be the long asked question of what can give us long, healthy lives. On review of as much of our available information as possible, they found varying degrees of correlation between a long life and certain diets, exercise and general physicality in life, and avoidance of environmental factors like poverty, food variety, access to medicines, and the like.

But the number one factor - the thing that the research team-lead said he would recommend more than any other factor - is *a great number of close bonds between family and friends*

I'm sorry the answer can't be grabbed off the shelf at your corner drug store.

But I'm happy that it costs nothing at all, except time, attention, love, gratitude, generosity, and forgiveness. And I suppose a phone bill and Wi-Fi plan, in many cases.

Hug on your loved ones. Be the first one to call. Set an example for others to do the same. You have no idea when the last chance has come and gone.