Is An Inversion Table Safe For My Back?

Is An Inversion Table Safe For My Back?

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I'm often asked about the relative safety of inversion tables in relieving back pain. These devices have seen wider use, over the years. Some people swear by them. Others find no relief. Occasionally, a patient reports feeling good on the table but, as soon as they hop off, they feel worse than before. How can we make sense of this and make a correct and responsible decision regarding our use of these relatively recent pain relief contraptions.

To think of something analogous, let's take broccoli. In general, broccoli can do good things. But if you're someone who is allergic to it, or has a sensitivity, or has the wrong chronic condition, like irritable bowel syndrome, it will cause problems. The equivalent for an inversion table would be if you had instability anywhere in your spine. Prolonged traction on already hypermobile joints can cause permanent and disabling effects. Likely the most common cause of hypermobile joints would be chronic fixation of an adjacent joint. It can also be caused by surgical fusion or fusion as a result of birth defects or prior trauma. Further dangers would arise from ligamentous or capsular damage sustained from chronic or acute trauma. Rarely, but significantly, any chronic neuromusculoskeletal disorders would need to be reviewed by a licensed physician to make sure they would produce no ill effects from traction.

We often listen to podcasts, see commercials, or watch talk shows where the host or interviewed medical professional offers the caveat that what they are giving should not be construed as medical advice, and that they should seek the services of a licensed professional in their area if they want to attempt or utilize any of the advice that they give. But you can see from this example, that's not just lip service. Utilizing an inversion table can cause real harm if not recommended by someone with a comprehensive understanding of your unique history. An experienced chiropractor in your area should be able to provide an examination to determine if an inversion table is safe for you.

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