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"What can I say, I have been blessed to have found Corazon Chiropractic when I was in debilitating back pain. Before I found them, I have been told by a very shady naturopathic doctor that I had arthritis and would need regular, painful injections and that I should stop running. I was 38 at the time and thought an arthritis diagnosis was a little off. Fortunately I found Dr. John at Corazon Chiropractic and started to see him instead. With a combination of regular adjustments and the correct exercises, my back pain went away completely and two months ago I ran my first marathon. I cannot thank Dr. John, Dr. David, and Dr. Sergio enough. They gave me my life back. I recommend them to anyone who asks. There is a chiropractor literally 3 blocks from my house and I went there a few times but I'd prefer to drive the half an hour out to Hillsboro to go to Corazon Instead. If I could give 6 stars I would."

- Katie Miranda

"Hey, Portlanders! You are all extremely lucky to have Dr. John Richardson in your hood. I first met John in San Francisco, where he practiced for a short time, to my chagrin. At that time, I had gone through a whole gamut of chiropractors and masseuses for acute and continual lower back pain. Anyone who has suffered lower back pain is well aware that back pain generates physical and emotional exhaustion, and the added pressure of finding an effective and empathetic chiropractor is quite taxing and frustrating. Finding John was a lucky miracle. I was fortunate to be under his care for about a year, off and on. After the initial three visits, John had me in tip top condition. I continued to see him for minor tune-ups here and there, and it was always a pleasure to chat with John about life, literature, the spine, pets, exercise, The Midwest, relationships, and various other topics. He’s damn smart, and his bedside manner is outstanding. So if you’re jaded by back pain and the never-ending hole of mediocre chiropractors, John is your man. He’s honest, thoughtful, precise, and most importantly, results oriented! As a side note: while most of you grimace at the thought of neck cracking, rest assured! This guy offers the best and the gentlest neck adjustments, hands down!"

- Catherine Schlereth

"I couldn’t be happier with Dr. John Richardson. I came in for knee and neck/shoulder troubles. The first thing you’ll notice is how warmly you’re welcomed. Dr. John explained my several issues in a very straightforward but understandable way. He really took the time to let me ask any questions I had, regardless of how minor or seemingly insignificant. The way Chiropractic works is they make small adjustments frequently over the course of several months, so if you need something fixed, you’re going to have to commit to it. They have incredibly convenient hours and are really flexible – you can always adjust your appointment time as long as you still keep all your appointments! I get the sense that Dr. John is truly concerned with my health and making me better, which is rare to find in a doctor these days. I highly recommend you go see Dr. John and get yo’self fixed!"

- Molly B.
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