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Why So Much Pain in Portland?

Portland Chiropractor Explains How to Avoid Back Injuries

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Many people who have experienced lifting injuries, sports related sprains, or sleeping in a bad position are often frustrated and confused by how much pain their car accident in Portland has caused them and why the symptoms are lasting so long. With that comes a host of assumptions and usually a falling short of expectations. The worst outcomes are always found in the people that don't seek care right away. In fact, the seven most common words I hear in the clinic are, "I just thought it would go away."

The biomechanics involved with most car accidents are very unique, among other causes of injury. Imagine being in a car and the person behind you crashes into you. There are the forces we normally think about: the bones of the neck extending backward and then flexing forward. And then there are forces we don't normally think about: axial forces that come up through the seat and compress your body, and the most dangerous forces, sheering forces that grind discs and joint services.

These latter forces last for one thousandth of a second, literally. They are also the most dangerous. This millisecond contains the "peak moment" of acceleration is always the highest predictor for whiplash injury severity. These forces also occur in your back, as your seat stops your hips and parts of your mid back, while the adjacent bones sheer backwards, before you fly forward.

Overcoming Chronic Pain in Portland

Studies are suggesting that it is these sheering forces that lead to much of the disc degeneration in post car accident patients in Portland, which will worsen for the rest of your life. It also leads to more damage and chronic inflammation in Portland of the internal joint and disc structures, which prolongs your recovery and worsens the pain. Prompt and specific mobilization to affected areas is critical to restoring proper biomechanics to your spine, after a car accident.

To learn more about the kind of forces that go into your body after a car accident, please contact the clinic and we would be honored to explain in more detail, as well as see if our kind of therapy is something you qualify for.
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