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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work | Hillsboro Oregon

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work | Hillsboro Oregon

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work Portland OR

Take a deep dive behind the scenes of any influential personality, revolutionary leader, or business mogul, and you'll find that no one finds success all by themselves. Michael Jordan and Babe Ruth couldn't win championships without the right team around them, and even Tiger Woods and Roger Federer had coaches and training staff who elevated them to winning form.

Why should we be any different? When we establish our goals, it's good for us to put the right people around us. If you have fitness goals, reach out to your favorite fit friends to find training partners and those who know the journey. Those same people will also hold you accountable to your own goals. Of course, your fitness journey should begin with a trip to the chiropractor to make sure your body's ready, as well as talking to a personal trainer to make sure it stays that way. I recommend Aly Richardson (no relation) at @albrich_ on Instagram or on Facebook.

A mentor of mine once said that he'd never take financial advice from someone poorer than him. Similarly, if you're a business owner, you don't take business advice from someone doing worse in business than you. If you're working a wage job, you'll want to take advice from the employee of the month, for three consecutive months. Anyone in pursuit of anything will attract all kinds of advice-givers, solicited or not. Take advice from only those people who have found a better path.

Put people around you who can help you get to your goals. These individuals come in many forms. It may be a friend who is always encouraging. It may be a representative at your bank who you have a solid relationship with and could help you fund your dreams. It may be a community leader who believes in you and believes in your dreams. However these individuals present themselves to you, they will have a few things in common. They won't make excuses, complain when you succeed, or convince you it's better just to quit. Surround yourself with people who want the best for you.

I hope that you achieve your dreams! If there's anything that we can do to help on that end, please give Hillsboro Corazon Chiropractic Clinic a call at (503) 648-4357

Much Love
John Richardson, DC



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