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Why is your doctor recommending a lawyer? | in Hillsboro OR

Why is your doctor recommending a lawyer? | in Hillsboro OR

Doctor Recommending Lawyer

I am a fairly stubborn person. If my house needs some work, my first thought is "how am *I* going to fix this. The same thing is true of my car, my finances, and my body. If the toilet keeps running, my tires need air, money needs to be transferred, or part of my body is achy, I usually have that handled.

But there comes a point - and that point is different for all of us - where we need to call in a licensed professional. If my bathroom is flooding, my alignment is pulling my car off the road, I need a loan for a business improvement, or I can't find my left arm, it's time to call for help. But when should I call for help with my car accident case or work injury?

My advice? = as soon as you open the claim. In 12 years, with thousands of patients, over two states, I have seen enough problems with the cases of intelligent, experienced, earnest and upstanding patients, to even stand my dog's hair on end. There are many different places, from the time you open the claim, to the time you're trying to agree on a settlement, where things can go terribly awry. These problems can range from receiving a settlement that doesn't include some of your out-of-pocket costs, to one of the insurance companies accusing you of lying about your entire experience, accusing you of defrauding the insurance company, and leaving you with tens of thousands of dollars or more in unpaid bills.

My patients have also relayed hundreds of instances of insurance companies misleading, scaring, manipulating, ignoring, or attempting to discredit them. Some patients have even come to the clinic in tears, reporting demeaning conversations with aggressive adjusters and investigators who accuse them of all kinds of things. Nearly all of this intimidation occurs towards patients who are not being represented by an attorney.

Once an attorney has signed onto your case, the insurance companies go through them with all correspondence. It dramatically decreases your risk and elevates your peace of mind.
Haven seen hundreds of patients incredibly stressed out, months or years after the dust of their collision had settled, I can't encourage it more.

As difficult as car collision cases can be, they probably can't hold a candle to Workers Compensation Injuries. It has led to many clinics refusing to even take patients suffering from an on the job injury. Finding a great attorney who specializes in this kind of case may very well not just be helpful, but necessary. The denial of care after an on the job injury can lead to years of disability.
An injury at work can prevent you from working for the rest of your life.

Injuries in motor vehicle collisions can produce the same debilitating results. Don't leave the fate of your case and care to chance. Hire an advocate for you and your interests.

Call (503) 648-4357  or come in to Corazon Chiropractic Clinic in Hillsboro for a free consult to see which lawyer we think might be best for your case!



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